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Henan Puyang NO.2 high school

Time:Jul 29, 2013
   Pu yang county is a nice traveling place with long years of history in China
   Pu yang county is located in the Pu yang city,He nan province of China. This county is in the northeast of this province,facing the Dong ming and Juan cheng county of Shandong province. It is also the Pu yang city south door of more business.
   This county belongs to the North China Plain, which has the the warm temperate zone continental monsoon climate.there are 1,100,000 people are living here. This county is a developing county.Recent years, the government has put much importance to here, Each industry has got a great improvement.
    As for its long time history, it has many old scenic spot ,like Zhang hui park,  King Shun court, Iron the high cultural sites, etc.
   I do believe Pu yang will meet a more flourish tomorrow.
About the Pu yang No.2 High school :
    This school was built in 1953,covering an area of 86000 square meters.The school now has equipped the modern teaching facilities for the students, like the basketball ;football ;table tennis ; badminton ,standard playground  multi -fuctional classroom . and many modern facilities . the beautiful school campus will attract your eyeballs.
    Now there are more than six thousands students and 300 teachers are at school.let me show you some scenery of this school :

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