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Shandong Zaozhuang children training institutions

Time:Sep 01, 2017

Zaozhuang is the first "cross-strait exchange base" and "national fitness Yangge city"

Zaozhuang City, belonging to Shandong Province, is located in the southern end of Shandong Province, south of Jiangsu Province, Tongshan County, Pi County is adjacent to the east and Linyi City Cangshan County, Fei County, Pingyi County border, north and Jining City Zouxian adjacent , West of Dushan Lake, Zhaoyang Lake, Weishan Lake. The city of the northwest to the southeast for a rectangular, things the widest 56 km, the longest 96 km north and south, with a total area of 4563 square kilometers, accounting for 2.97% of the total area of Shandong Province,

Shandong Zaozhuang training institutions as the first effect of children's English training chain brand, has a strong background strength of the group, with advanced teaching ideas and effective teaching methods for children aged 3-12 to bring English learning environment. In March of this year, Kidstalk3.0 version of the courseware is also a new on-line, to the students to bring a better learning experience. Today, Mamaluo can join the country has more than 100 camp, more and more children have the opportunity to international international learning opportunities. Education to change the future, Mamaluo can work with you to witness the wonderful future.

Now together to unveil the mystery of the various camps it

Mama Luo can be children English Zaozhuang campus:


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