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International kindergarten in Beijing

Time:Jun 08, 2018
Since its establishment, the Beijing International Kindergarten has been certified by major authoritative educational institutions such as NAEYC, ISTE, and CIS.The members of the teaching team receive American or international degree certificates.The school’s curriculum is based on a multicultural and academic nature and aims to prepare children aged 2-6 to prepare for entry into the United States or a world-class school.

The kindergarten is adjacent to the World Park.Natural oxygen bar, air fresh and natural,The international design team Build the kindergarten according to local conditions,The park is equipped with first-class hardware facilities such as imported teaching aids, air purification equipment, environmental protection paints, and solid wood children's furniture.Create a safe and natural living space for children.At the same time, with the aid of a multimedia interactive teaching system, the park regularly organizes real-time interactive classrooms in the Sino-American campus to share international educational resources.Let children grow up happy in a modern learning environment.

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