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Hebi City High School

Time:Jan 17, 2019
Hebi is located in the northern part of Henan Province,Taihang Shandong to the transition zone of the North China Plain,The high-speed rail is 2.5 hours from the capital Beijing, and 31 minutes from the provincial capital Zhengzhou.It is the place where the story of Fengshengbang was born. The capital of the Shang Dynasty Chaoge ,The capital of the first vassal state Weiguo of the Zhou Dynasty,The seven powerful Zhao Guoguo of the Warring States are located in Hebi.And Hebi is an important birthplace of East Asian nation surname.
Covering an area of ​​350 acres, the school is located in Hebi, an excellent tourist city in China known as the “Northern Zhuhai”.Convenient transportation and pleasant environment make it an ideal place for students to become knowledgeable.Hebi High School is well-known in the Central Plains for its "excellent teachers, excellent school spirit, strict management and distinctive features".After half a century of cultural heritage, it has formed the spirit of “self-improvement”.At the same time, I have achieved impressive results.

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