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Jiangsu Shuyang NO,2 primary school

Time:Jan 09, 2014
      Shu Yang is a beautiful county with a long history of more than 2000 years old in China
      It is in the north of su qian city, jiangsu province, covering an area of 2299 square kilometers. Shu yang has 26 towns with a population of 1760,000 people. This county is famous for its flower, so it has another nice name: flower county.
      Shu yang is a big agriculture county. Every year his food production got a harvest, especially in rice, cotton,and so on. Recent years, the government has put some importance to its industry, the economy have got great improvement in many aspects.
      Also as for his long time history, it has many old places and beautiful parks to visit.
     With the continuous development of economic construction, we are sure Shu yang will meet his more flourishing tomorrow.
About the school:
     Shu yang NO.2 primary school was established in 2006, which among many other famous middle and college. So it has a good study environment.
   The school now has 196 professional teachers, 70 classrooms,more than 7000 students, whose construction area is 54000 square meters..
The school was equipped with the modern teaching facility. Now i can show you some beautiful places of the school.

One semester sports meeting

The students class
the school panoramic view
    Also it has created many activities with many country like USA, UK, Italy, Australia and so on.
    After have a good knowledge, I am sure it will be a good choice to join in our 2012 Spring Program

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