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Shandong Pingyin NO.1 middle school

Time:Jan 09, 2014
   Ping yin is a beautiful county with a long history of more than 1500 years old in China.
   It is located in Ji nan city, the capital of Shandong province, covering an area of 827 square kilometers. Pin yin has 11 town in total with a local population of 360,000 people. Ping yin is famous for its rose, so she got a name: rose township.
     Ping yin is a favorable location, where many trade must come cross this place. So its economic has become more and more flourishing. Also because of it is long history, it has become a tourist county, some beautiful palace like the Cui Pingshan scenic spot, Ping yin rose Garden, Tian zhu peak of Mountain yun cui, and so on.
     Now with the prosperous market, developing economic, stable society, beautiful environment, I think the Ping yin county will have a more flourishing tomorrow.
About the school
     Ping yin number one middle school was established in 1954, one of the top middle school in ji nan city, shandong province. It is locate in the inersection of many cities of China. The school is a combination of classical atmosphere and modern style.
The school was devided into Junior section and Senior section, covering the area of 54.902 square kilometers. Equipped with basketball; football; table tennis; badminton, standard playground  multi -fuctional classroom and many modern facilities . The beautiful school campus will attract your eyeballs.

The school has 50 teaching classes ,2000 more students ,346 teachers ,the school paid strong attention on the communication with the school in western countries .and it corporation relationship  with some schools in USA, UK German Holland Japan Singapore  etc . We hope increasing number of foreign English teachers can come to our school and bring new thinking and ideas here. I hope you will love this school .
This is some scenery of the school including every aspects.

Foreign teacher are introducing the western culture to the students


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