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Zhejiang Tongxiang qiushi experimental middle school

Time:Jan 09, 2014
    Tong xiang Shi is a nice place with many years history and beautiful scenery for traveling.
   Tong xiang city is a county-level city, part of Jia xing city, in northern Zhejiang province. It is also a intersection, 131 kilometers from Shanghai, 74 kilometers from Suzhou, 65kilometers to Hangzhou. Tongxiang is served by its railway station, so the transportation is very convenient. The city belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, so the natural scenery is rather nice.
    There are 81,5800 people are living here covering an area of 727 square kilometers. Since the 1985, the government has put some importance to this place, namely the all round reformation, all industry has got a great improvement. So the life level of the local citizen also has been improved.
    Also it is a birthplace of national culture,and its many folk arts and crafts will attract your eyes.
Let me show you this city some scenery:
About the school :
Tongxiang qiushi shiyang high school was first bulit in 2000. With time going by, it has become a famous high school in Jiaxing city, and now there are more than 2000 students and teachers are study here. The school has equipped the modern facilities,like the basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, standard playground  and multi -functional classroom and so on! So it has become a more and more comprehensive school.
Show you some pictures of the school :

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