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Zhejiang Yiwu NO.2 high school

Time:Jan 08, 2014
      Yi wu is a famous market city all over the world .
     Located in the center of Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 1,105 square kilometers, Yiwu has 8 towns and 5 boroughs under its jurisdiction with a local population of 670,000 and non-native population of 600,000. Since reform and opening-up, Yiwu has been sticking to the development strategy of “developing the city on commerce” and has explored a net strategy of promoting regional social and economic development with the flagship of trade and commerce, which helped Yiwu to become a developed county and a city known as being the place where the first international commodities market in China was cultivated.
According to the statistics, in 2004, the GDP of Yiwu reached 28.2 billion yuan, a 17.3% increase of that in last year; fiscal revenue 2.95 billion (local, 1.51 billion), 109.6% of the adjustment plan; social capital assets investment 12.09 billion, an increase of 20.4%; saving deposits 48.277 billoin, an increase of 21.3%; social retail value 6.005 billion, an increase of 14.4%; disposable income of urban resident 17,153 yuan per capita and net income of farmer 6,969 yuan per capita, an increase of 15.3% and 13.4% respectively, taking out the rise in prices. In terms of comprehensive development level of economy and society , Yiwu ranked the 17th among the top 100 counties of the country and the 1th among the 22 county-level cities in Zhejiang province in 2003. In 2004, Yiwu ranked the top among the most favorite county-level cities in the eyes of domestic and overseas public. In recent years, Yiwu has become one of counties and cities in Zhejiang Province that took the lead to basically accomplish modernization and one of counties and cities in Zhejiang Province that enjoy partial prefecture-level economic management jurisdiction. Yiwu has also been awarded the honor of being the key districts in the drive of urbanization and was named National Sanitation City. In addition, Yiwu has won the honor of National Sci-tech Advanced City, National Sports Advanced City, National Culture Advanced City, Provincial Civilized City, and Provincial Power City of Education and has been awarded National Two-Advocation Model City for five successive years.
Now with the prosperous market, developed economy, stable society, beautiful environment and wealthier community, Yiwu is marching towards becoming a truly world class international comercial city.

About the school
Yiwu number two middle school was established in 1982 ,one of the top school in Zhejiang province. The school is located in number 301 Jiang dong middle road new cultural education district Yi wu city .Around the school there is a famous jiming mountain and a yiwu river. The school is in the center of the yi wu city ,the transportation is very convenient the school is a combination of classical atmosphere and modern style .

The school is in area of 106 hectare ,the construction area of 53118 square meters . equipped with basketball ;football ;table tennis ; badminton ,standard playground  multi -fuctional classroom . and many modern facilities. The beautiful school campus will attract your eyeballs.

The school has 38 teaching classes,1966 students ,205 teachers ,the school paid strong attention on the communication with the school in western countries .and it corporation relationship  with some schools in USA UK German Holland Japan Singapore etc. We hope increasing number of foreign English teachers can come to our school and bring new thinking and ideas here. I hope you will love this school .

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