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Gansu Qingyang NO.4 high school

Time:Jul 29, 2013
   Qing yang city is fantastic place with long years history and its value.
   Qing yang city is located in the east of Gansu province of China with a population of 256,000 people. The land area of this city is 27,199 square kilometers ,which is also a intersection place for transportation. And it is close to Xi' an city!
     This city belongs to the north China Plain .Due to its special geographical position, there are too many natural resources in this city, like oil, natural gas ,coal, and so on.so recent years, the city has got a great improvement in its economic level.
     As for the food product, the corn is the main food with some sorghum,rice,sweet potato and so on. And the Day lily, date, pumpkin seeds are very famous all over the world.
     Qing yang city is also the birthplace of Chinese nation. It is calculated that 200,000 years ago, our ancestors are living here, so there are too many old places for us to research and visit.also the traditional folk culture is worth reading,like the paper cut, pi ying and so on, I am sure it will attract your eyes.now let me show some landscape of this city:
Qing yang NO,4 high school :
    The school was first built in 1988, and with its development, it has becoming more and more important in Gansu province. There are more than 3000 students and teachers here, covering an area of 17,795 square meters .The school now has equipped the modern teaching facilities for the students, like the basketball; football; table tennis;  badminton, standard playground  multi -functional classroom and many modern facilities. The beautiful school campus will attract your eyeballs.
   Now let me show you the scenery of our school first:

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