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Guangdong Lianping high school

Time:Jul 29, 2013

   Lian ping county is a beautiful county with a long history of more than 2000 years old.
   The city is located in the north part of He yuan city, Guangdong province, covering an area of 2365 square kilometers. There are 370,000 people living in this county, who has been divided into 13 towns.
    As for the economic situation, fruit production and processing is one the most important industry. The area of fruit planting is nearly 17,000 square kilometers, which can product 119,000 tons of fruit every year. The vegetable also has got a rapid development. Every year there are more than 6 tons of vegetable being carried to different part of China !
    Animal Husbandry and the Industry both have great development in many aspects!
    Also because of the its long history, there are many wonderful places of great interest here, especially the cave and the fall. To some extent they have great value for the expert to analyse .
    By the way, this county also called the non-ferrous metal. And it is the one of the two ecology counties in Guangdong province.
Let me show some picture of this county:


The Lian ping high school :
       It is was first built in 1926, and then with time going by, it has grown up to a strong school. There are 3541 students and 230 teachers, covering an construction area of 36952 square meters! Different kinds of all year green trees and flower are planted in the school. It is really a good environment for the students to study here!
      The school has equipped the modern study facilities, like the library, the computer room, the laboratory and so on !
Now I can show you some nice photos of this school :


One corner of school


the 10th sports game


The students' accomodation


the school gymnasium


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