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Henan Gongyi NO.2 high school

Time:Jan 09, 2014

   Gong yi is a beautiful county with a long history of more than 300,000 years old in China
   It is located in the Zheng zhou, the capital of henan province, covering an area of 1041 square kilometers. Gong yi has 15 towns with a local population of 800,000 people. Gong yi is famous for its old history, so has many beautiful visiting places to go. It is in the south of the province, which make him an important techology area.
      Because of its advantageous position, the government make a investment to it. Its economy has made a great improvement. So it has become one member of the first one hundred county of China. As for the this proud achievement, the life level of urban and the rural people has got a great improvement.
     With the flourishing development of the economy, the Gong yi county will meet his more beautiful tomorrow.
About the school
  Gong yi NO.2 middle school was established in 1951, which is one of the top middle school in henan province. It is located in the middle of the county, which is a combination of classical atmosphere and modern style.
  The school has divided into two part , the east one and the west one, covering an area of 67,840 square meters. Euipped with basketball; football; table tennis; badminton, standard playground  multi -fuctional classroom and many modern facilities. The beautiful school campus will attract your eyeballs.


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