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Hebi City High School

Jan 17, 2019

Hebi City High School Hebi is located in the northern part of Henan Province,Taihang Shandong to the transition zone of the North China Plain,The high-speed rail is 2.5 hours from the capital Beijing, and 31 minutes from the provincial capital Zhengzhou.It is th... [Details]

Taizhou Education Training School

Jul 02, 2018

Taizhou Education Training School Taizhou has a long history, and ancestors lived here and there 5,000 years ago.The terrain is tilted from west to east.In the south, there is Yandang Mountain as the screen, and there are main peaks such as Cangshan Mountain, Dalei Mountain... [Details]

International kindergarten in Beijing

Jun 08, 2018

International kindergarten in Beijing Since its establishment, the Beijing International Kindergarten has been certified by major authoritative educational institutions such as NAEYC, ISTE, and CIS.The members of the teaching team receive American or international degree certifi... [Details]