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Hunan High School

May 22, 2018

Hunan High School Hunan High School is a century-old school with profound culture and outstanding achievements. It is also a window school in the new historical period that adheres to education inheritance and innovation, actively leads the trend, and is reco... [Details]

Beijing huairou middle school

Nov 02, 2017

<b>Beijing huairou middle school</b> Huairou is one of the areas of ancient human activities, and archaeological researchers found the paleolithic and neolithic ruins in many areas of huairou.The 2014 APEC meeting was held in yanqihu, huairou district. Beijing huairou middle sc... [Details]

Shanxi primary school, middle school, high school experimental school

Nov 02, 2017

<b>Shanxi primary school, middle school, high school experimental school</b> Shanxi experimental school is a high quality, international high-end elite private school. Located in shanxi university town, next to the airport and taiyuan high-speed railway,It is very close to jin temple in 4A scenic spot,The culture b... [Details]