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Observing filial piety in China

Time:Sep 27, 2013
Draw a picture for your parents.
It may not be a good idea for some people, but it may be a good one for art lovers. It doesn't have to be professional. Writing things like "I miss you" somewhere on the picture is usually good enough.
Teach your parents something modern.
You will be surprised to see the excited look on the faces of your dad and mom when they learn something new. It is more difficult for them to understand new things than us, so spend some time teaching and explaining modern things to them. They need to communicate with you.
Take your parents traveling.
We don't have many chances to travel with the whole family, and it's usually because of work. For those who are married, it is even more difficult.
However, it is really wonderful for a family to enjoy visiting beautiful locations, taste fresh food and see something different outside of our daily lives.
If family members are free at the same time as you are, then don't hesitate to take them a trip to somewhere different and exotic.
Knit a wool scarf.
Women may be better at making this type of present. Winter will arrive in two or three months, so a handmade scarf sewn with love and care will warm any parent's heart.
Cook a meal for your parents.
When we were kids, our parents cooked thousands of meals for us, and every one of them was filled with love. So now it is time to show your appreciation.
This idea has been popular for years, but some people will let their parents buy, wash and cut vegetables. And the parents have to clean the table and kitchen after they prepare the meal. This actually creates more trouble than happiness.
If you decide to cook a meal for your parents then handle everything on your own.

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