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China's top three pasta, do you know a few?

Time:May 24, 2018
Chinese pasta culture has a long history and rich varieties.Especially as a northerner,The northerners have been mainly pasta.Almost no pasta is not happy,Pasta has a long history and a wide range of products.As a person who loves to eat pasta,Three pastas in China, how many do you know? Come and see it with me.

1.Wuhan dry noodles
Mainly used in Wuhan hot noodles is the alkaline surface, Mix with sesame paste, vinegar, radish, peanuts, etc.all,The taste of the sesame sauce is full and delicious.And in many parts of China, we can see this kind of store selling hot noodles in Wuhan, wherever we go.

2.Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, Beijing Style
Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, Beijing Style are also known as a pasta noodle.Beijing noodles are also a pasta that is well known throughout the country.Can be eaten in many places.But the estimates we usually eat are not authentic fried noodles.Because the most authentic Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, Beijing Style production is very particular,Need to "fried sauce for two hours, dish code thirteen,"And this authentic taste is estimated to be eaten only in Beijing.

3.Shanxi Sliced Noodles
“The pasta of the world is in China, the Chinese pasta is in Shanxi, and the planed noodles are the favourite noodles of the Shanxi people’s daily  food.Because of its unique flavor, well-known Chinese and foreign,The practice of cutting noodles is different from other noodles.Whether or not your noodles is delicious  depends on whether your knife skill is good enough.In the Knife cutting noodles, the left hand drags the kneaded dough, and the right hand holds the knife, not only need the Flexible wrist but also the output force fair.just listen, "Click, click, click a few sounds. The noodles that was cut was shot like a short arrow into the pot. In the pot, the soup rolled over and it was very quick. It took less than two minutes a bowl.

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