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Celebroting the spring festival in the in the Forbidden City

Time:Jan 16, 2019
The " Celebroting the spring festival in the in the Forbidden City" exhibition held by the Forbidden City was officially launched on January 6.In the past few days, visitors have emerged, using animation, video, music, projection, incense and other techniques to let visitors feel the rich spring festival atmosphere of the Forbidden City.In addition to the three exhibition halls of the Yanchi floor above the Wumen Gate,  visitors can also see traditional door god  paintings at the entrance of the palace.Exquisite palace lanterns hanging under the Gallery of the Qianqing Palace, these lanterns are from the hands of Zigong artists in Nanguo Dengcheng.In the follow-up, the tall sky lantern and longevity lamp will be erected  in the Qianqing palace.

This exhibition is the largest exhibition in the history of the Forbidden City. With a record-breaking collection of nearly a thousand artifacts, it restored many of the decorations and activities of the former royal palaces, presenting the audience with a Forbidden City filled with the Spring Festival atmosphere.

During the period from January 28 (Lunar New Year) to February 12 (the eighth day of the first lunar month), in Cining Palace Garden, Ciningmenwai Square, there are 145 China Time-honored Enterprise in 10 provinces (cities) including Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. The company will display traditional snacks, specialties, health food, silk clothing, daily necessities, stationery, jade, cultural and creative crafts, intangible cultural heritage crafts and other products in the palace. The most popular Wenchuang products can be used as a New Year gift for friends and family.

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