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Taste Memories: Ice-sugar Gourd

Time:Aug 29, 2013

Ice-sugar gourd, make many people can remember her childhood. The sweet and sour taste, favorite memories. Ice-sugar gourd, in song dynasty years began the practice of ancient formula, recorded in the history of qing years earlier, rage across, teahouse, theater, streets are everywhere, has now become China's traditional snacks. Ice-sugar gourd enjoyed by young and old, it has appetizers, raise colour, increase the wisdom, eliminate fatigue, qingre role. Some years of the Spring Festival in Beijing on temple fair also often see string, long the top post gourd held a small flags, a string of on 100 to a recovery feet have weighed down by the red fruit, the bamboo stick son, take in your hand the chatter chatter, a more add a festive ambience of festival. The origin of the mentioned ice-sugar gourd, still have to say of the southern song SongGuangZong emperor. Every winter, regardless of the cities or the countryside, selling ice-sugar gourd can always see the businessman, or cart or shoulder, the red hawthorn in sugar film under the parcel tempting. All Be in twos and threes, each the size of the girl surrounded bought a bite on one, GaBengCui acid and sweet, sweet, very not pleasing may have. In people's impression, ice-sugar gourd is children eat snacks, generally a dollar a. Eat a taste of a single, occasionally, ice-sugar gourd 
Old reach-like doesn't pass by technology of tooth ice-sugar gourd, stick always feel that nothing good. But in recent years the old Beijing appears the flavor of various varieties with ice-sugar gourd of taste, raw materials selected, the clean health paper bag packaging quickly won the general common people's favorite, time appeared unseen queuing bid for the phenomenon. Such ice-sugar gourd in the selection of raw materials, pick hawthorn division acid slightly sweet hawthorn for high quality hawthorn lamb-based dish. Complementary with various stuffing, dried fruit, fruit and other accessories made variety of flavors sandwich ice-sugar gourd. When the sale NuoMiZhi wrapped string, brown paper bag packaging the clean health, greatly improving the quality of ice-sugar gourd. To keep a large number of repeat customers. Consumer groups by kids expanded to adults, and the elderly, some people to eat a ice-sugar gourd at journey faraway... ... (according to the age of yanjing record "records: ice-sugar gourd, but by bamboo, dealing with ShanLiGong, hitom fruit and grapes, hemp yam, walnuts, bean, etc, dip in with icing, sweet crisp and cool.) Alias: northeast area called sugar cream shandong yantai area to call drops
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