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2013 China Music Festival– Rock Out this Sep & Oct!

Time:Sep 13, 2013
1) 2013 JZ Festival 
This year’s JZ Festival will be held at Shanghai Expo Park from September 21-22 and there’s an exciting line-up to look forward to. Yassin Bey is scheduled to perform together with Robert Glasper Experiment. Bey seems to create buzz each year: earlier in 2013 he shocked people with a video in which he was voluntarily force fed like the prisoners in Guantanamo. Last year he disappointed the expat community in China when he cancelled his performance at Midi. Let’s hope all goes to plan this time!
2) 2013 Changjiang Midi Music Festival
Over the years Midi has learnt to spread its wings and relocate pastures further from its native Beijing. This year’s Changjiang version takes place from October 2-4 at Sanjiagang Beach in Shanghai. There’ll be nine stages and over 200 acts, making this one of the biggest festivals of the year. Pretty much every Chinese band that’s not signed to Modern Sky are performing including Carsick Cars, Top Floor Circus, Brain Failure, Subs, Miserbale Faith, Twisted Machine, Queen Sea Big Shark, Reflector and Omnipotent Youth Society. If you need a lesson in Chinese rock, this is one class you need to attend.
3) The First East Asia Shoegaze Festival
Shoegaze is a sub-genre of alternative rock that was founded in England in the late 80s and gets its name from the motionless and downward-looking performance style of its practitioners. Typified by significant use of guitar effects, and indistinguishable vocal melodies that blend into the creative noise of the guitars, the most well known shoegaze bands include My Bloody Valentine, The Horrors and Slow Dive.
 1) 2013 Canal Kirin Music Festival
Held from October 1-3, 2013, the Canal Kirin International Music Festival will feature six stages and host dozens of top domestic and international acts. The “Godfather of Chinese rock” Cui Jian is scheduled to perform as are Shanren, Lao Lang, Zheng Jun, Miserable Faith, Erguna Band and more.
2) Beijing TingDong Music Festival
The Beijing TingDong Mid-Autumn Music Festival will feature US Hip Hop act Far East Movement as the headlining act. Besides Far East Movement – who you probably recognize from the song “Like a G6” – there’ll also be performances by Dutch trance DJ Dash Berlin and Dutch progressive and electro house DJ, DJ Hardwell.
1) Zebra Music Festival
Held from October 1-3, the three-day event features a selection of acts from the Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the US including Escape Plan, My Little Airport, Fang Datong, Daniel Hart (US), Arms and Legs (US) and more.
Zhuhai hasn’t been left off the list. From October 3-4, the 2013 International Beach Music Festival unleashes its musical thunder of local folks. The line-up includes Sham69 (UK), Sacromorted (Russia), Chat (France), Steely Heart, Queen Sea Big Shark, The Muff, The Belief, Dark Secret, Omnipotent Youth Society, Zheng Jun and more.
1) 2013 Changchun Strawberry Music Festival
The 2013 Changchun Strawberry Music Festival rolls into town from September 20-21. Swap your mooncakes for a can of beer and a dose of rock n’ roll, provided by such top domestic acts as Xie Tianxiao (a.k.a. “the new godfather of rock n’ roll), Hedgehog (a.k.a. the band with the kick ass female drummer), Re-Tros (a.k.a. China’s answer to Joy Division or Bauhaus), Second Hand Rose and Soda Green to name but a few.
1) 2013 AMC Live Rock on Music Festival
Held at the 198 Poly Park, the festival’s line-up favors some of China’s longest established rock bands and acts such as Black Panther that’s been around since 1987 and performed alongside Cui Jian; Tang Dynasty that’s been rocking the Mainland since 1988 and Yip Sai Wing who was the drummer of legendary Hong Kong rock band Beyond.The festival also caters to fans of Canto-pop with Hebe Tian of the hugely famous girl-band S.H.E. making an appearance as well as Hong Kong singer G.E.M. among others. 
1) 2013 Greenfield Music Festival
From October 1-2, the 2013 Greenfield Music Festival takes over the Lining Sports Park, promising two days of rock n’ roll by some of China’s top acts. Headliners include Black Panther, Twisted Machine, Soda Green, Tang Dynasty, Second Hand Rose, Song Dongye, Reflector and Mr. Turtle among others.
1) 2013 Kunming Greenfest
The Kunming Expo Park will be converted into a lively festival ground on September 28 and 29. With 22 domestic acts slated to perform on two stages, as well as a creative market and street performers, expect a chilled out weekend with good vibes and music. Performing at this year’s festival are Yunnan’s very own Shanren, Pengtan, Escape Plan, Mr. Turtle, Wild Children, AK47, the Life Journey and many more.
1) 1st Starlight International Music Festival
A new festival hits up Shijiazhuang this October: the 1st Starlight International Music Festival. Promising 40 bands and 160 performers, the headlining acts include Xie Tianxiao, Hao Yun, Second Hand Rose, Omnipotent Youth Society, Reflector, Re-Tros and more.
1) 2013 Xi’an Rayfeast
A three day festival focusing on a different musical genre each day, Rayfeast promises to cater to a wide range of tastes. Highlights include Longshendao, Top Floor Circus, Subs, Sham69, Brain Failure and Total Chaos.

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